Discover the beautiful attractions of downtown Buenos Aires and the Luján Zoo where you can swim 
and pet lions, bears and elefants!

Tigre is a place for water sports fans and nature lovers. Discover the beautiful cabins inside the Tigre Delta and take a boat trip on the Río Lujan.

2.5 years of Argentina experienced by a German. Enjoy reading about the real Argentina! Not the one tourists see.

Learning Spanish was never easier. Find out where to find the best teachers, the best learning material and interactive lessons, activities and games online! 

The life with two Argentinean dachshunds turned the life of a girl upside down. Read about the best and worst achievements of these two guys.

Patagonia in Chile and Argentina is a region packed with interesting fauna and flora. The region was affected by deforestation but is starting to recover.

The Buenos Aires Ecological Reserve is a travel destination for birdwatchers, nature lovers, eco-tourists and those wanting to escape the tumultous life of downtown Buenos Aires

English speakers will find some useful tips in this article on how to earn money working online as an English teacher. A great opportunity for English speakers in Argentina and abroad.
If you own a pet in Buenos Aires and you want to go on a trip there is no better place to leave a dog than at the Spa Para Mascotas (Pet Spa) in Buenos Aires, Pilar.

Read about what happened to me when I flew with Gol, Aerolineas Argentinas and Pluna and you will understand why I consider them to be the worst airline companies in the world.

Bilingual children were found to have better cognitive and memory skills than their monolingual peers. Raising children to be bilingual is a difficult but fruitful task.